Movie and lyrics of Pico Taro’s chick sorting summary!new ppap



Hello, this is Machiri ♩


Today was a day of practicing Kyudo, but it was cold and it seemed to catch a cold.


Because the dojo is like a half outside, it is cold even if you wear a lot in the waydog · · ·.


Heating is also attached, but the effect is almost none!


Today, I intended to take a spirit and take measures against the cold, but I think that I will think about a better way next time.


Well, it is a topic that Mr. Pico Taro appeared in the Miyane shop and showed off new songs!


Especially it was interesting to chick the chick ★


Chickpot videos!



This seems to be a part, it does not seem to be all, but I can confirm only that “chickpicking” is interesting!


It seems there were new songs in addition, so I’m looking forward to it ★



What is the lyrics for sorting chicks?


Female! male!

Female! Female! male! Female!


Female! The female! male!


male! Female!


Female! male!


Female! male!


Pigeon pigeon dove



“Male, female, sparrow, pigeon”


Although this is the only thing I say, it is funny why!


As expected is Taro Pico.


What is the reaction of the public?


Taro Pico really is amazing! It is! It is!

Chick buddy! It is!

1st album
Congratulations on your release * \ (^ o ^) / *


First album
Omega (¯Д¯) ノ

Male female sparrows !!
Male / female otome pigeon / pigeon / pigeon !!

Seriously (laugh)


The pigeon mixing rate is high w


interesting! It’s just a word of mouth.


People like Pico Taro feel that many people end up with a single shot, but Mr. Pico Taro seems to be different!


This album is likely to be sold ★





I was surprised that the chicks were more interesting than I expected!


Also, it will be a topic all over the world ~.


Thank you for reading to the last.



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